1. Matias

    Neumann KH 80 DSP room measurements

    I am using REW + UMIK-1 for room EQ of my office setup, which is based on RME ADI-2 DAC fs + Neumann KH 80 DSP. The 1st 2 bottom lines were done using MMM: pink noise on generator, RTA with 32 samples. The 3rd and higher line is a single measurement holding the mic roughly where my head...
  2. RandomEar

    The moving microphone method (MMM) for Dummies using REW

    After getting a couple of weird results on my first MMM measurements, I went searching around the forums & YouTube for what went wrong. To save others from gathering various bits and pieces of info from a dozen sources, I decided to publish this quick write-up here. You can use it as a rough...
  3. dominikz

    Impact of door/window position on in-room response

    For a while now I've been noticing that I can get pretty different LF in-room response depending on current room layout and whether doors/windows are open or closed. Anyway, a couple of days ago I decided to test a few variants to see what is the impact exactly on both my systems. First the...
  4. J

    Combining measurement methods to get a more accurate EQ - MMM + Gated Nearfield + Klippel Measurements

    I posted this on the HTM-12v2 thread, but thought it was an interesting enough concept that people might want to do it with other speakers and thus I am posting the info here as well. I had a fun little project today and wanted to add a layer of active EQ to my HTM-12v2 and wanted to compare...
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