lyngdorf tdai-1120

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    Lyngdorf 1120 subwoofer integration

    Hello. I am a dedicated reader, but brand new member on a steep learning curve. I am planning a new system for a room unfortunately 11'3" x 11'8", so room correction is a must. The speakers will be GR-Research NX-Studios that I would like to match with two JL Audio Dominion d110...
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    Active vs Room Correction?

    Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. I'm looking to 'upgrade' my existing streaming/TV (via HDMI) 2.1 channel set up and have narrowed down two options. I'm moving from a Sonos AMP with KEF Q350s and KEF Kube 10" Sub (will keep the sub and maybe upgrade to an SVS or KEF KC62 later). I...
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    Issue with the Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 and streaming

    Hello- first post for me here. I have had the amp now for about 10 months and for 9 it has worked like a charm, and i replaced the 2170 for this one to have built in streaming and riaa However i have now started experiencing issues. When i have left it in standby for a few hours it becomes...
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