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    Upgrading Within the Bluesound Ecosystem

    Hey all, This is my first post on the forum so please correct me if I'm not following standard protocol or posting in the wrong place. When I was younger, my dad helped me pick out a Rega turntable, Sonos Connect, Rega Brio, and Neat Iota speakers for my bedroom. I've had that setup ever...
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    Amplifier for KEF LS50 Meta + KEF Kube 10b

    Hi dear amazing community, I know that this thread has been long discussed before, but reading tons of opinions I can't make any clarity to my final decision. These days I am trying to define and buy an upgraded and new sound system for my living room, that is also the studio where i work...
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    Focal Aria S906 vs KEF LS50 Meta

    Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to decide between Focal Aria S906 ($1000) and KEF LS50 Meta ($1000). They are both used in mint condition. As for my living room home theater set up, I already have Sony's HT-A9 with SA5 subwoofer, so this would mostly go into my bedroom which is around...
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