listening test

  1. E

    How many bits can you hear?

    Ever wonder how many bits you can hear—your system, your ears, at a volume setting of your choosing? You may be surprised how soon it becomes difficult... The video uses the audio I generated for a blog article a few months ago, but it's helpful to see a spectrogram of the signal sweep, and a...
  2. C

    Binaural blind comparison test of 4 loudspeakers - II

    Since the discussion on the last vote about the sound quality of speakers via binaural recordings was so harmonious, I thought it would be a good idea to repeat the whole thing with other binaural recordings of speakers. And that's why I just plagiarized the thread title (and more) from @thewas...
  3. Jim Shaw

    Have You Used Crutchfield's Speaker Comparison?

    I'm interested to know others' experiences if/when they use Crutchfield's speaker comparison. I spent a half-hour with it this morning, and I was surprised at how useful it was to me. Well, not so useful as how much it lined up with my experiences with three known-to-me speaker models. Of...
  4. pma

    Listening test of 2 power amplifiers - files recorded for download - disclosed

    There are requests to record outputs of two different power amplifiers and prepare a listening test with such recorded files. I have decided to answer the challenge again and recorded files from 2 different class AB amplifiers, loaded with real speakers. One of the amplifiers has about 6 times...
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