1. Pinox67

    THD Measurement: Do it represent the actual nonlinear harmonic distortion?

    As part of a study of the effects of non-linear distortions in amplifiers, I came across an aspect that left me a little perplexed. This is the way in which the THD value (and also the IMD and TD+N) of the data collected by the standard measurements is calculated. Measurement of distortions in...
  2. ayane

    Multitone test revisited: Level vs SINAD graphs?

    Howdy! This question isn't a request or directed to anyone; it's just food for thought. Most of the DACs tested in the past couple of years here all show the output of the APx555's 32-tone test signal in the review, which is fantastic because such a test immediately reveals flaws in the digital...
  3. pma

    Class D A07 x class D UcD180 and class AB amp - there are measurable differences on acoustical side

    Following the assumptions on possible influence of ultrasonic noise and carrier frequency residuals to tweeter output I have prepared an experiment where the tweeter is driven by 2.82V sine tone of 6kHz from 2 different amplifiers. One of the is AIYIMA A07, see my review...
  4. pma

    Extensive study of IMD (and THD) distortions on 4 amplifiers with different topology

    Extensive study of IMD (and THD) distortions on 4 amplifiers with different topology THD+N (SINAD) at 1kHz and 5W power has become a comparison measure of amplifier parameters here in ASR. I would like to demonstrate my deep persuasion that much more complex view of amplifiers distortion...
  5. etc6849

    New THX Standard website has some handy amp measurements

    Thank you THX! Upon further exploring of their new THX Standard website, there are some really useful measurements for many popular amps and the amp ranking makes sense to me (based on what I've heard/owned)... And many more amps I didn't include, but here are a few compared side by side...
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