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    Audient iD24 Headphone Output

    I'm looking to upgrade my Focusrite 2i2 2nd gen and I've narrowed down the search, for now, to mainly the Audient iD24 which seems like a great interface and also got a pretty good review from Julian Krause. However, there's one thing that kept me from pulling the trigger and that was the...
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    Major confusion over Motu M2 - a lot of conflicting reviews

    Hi everyone, I am in a search of a new interface in circa 200 euros price range. Just to highlight at the beginning, I almost don't record at all (if I record rarely, its mostly vocals), I only use it for music production, mixing, and mastering, so the most important things to me are output...
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    Upgrading from UMC202HD, worth it?

    I've been using my Behringer UMC202HD for 2 years now. Lately I have been wondering about upgrading it for something in the 200-400€ range. My main concern is a good quality DI input and I'm wondering if there is a significant increase in recording quality between various DI or is it just the...
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