hybrid amplifier

  1. J

    Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth USB Aux In Sub Out

    Bluetooth Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier with Coaxial/Optical/CD/DVD/USB/Bluetooth inputs Specifications: • Power output: 50 WPC RMS @ 4 ohms • THD: 0.5% @ 50 WPC • Minimum speaker impedance: 4 ohms • Channel separation: 50 dB • Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz • Preamplifier tube: 6U1 x...
  2. Xulonn

    Amazon deletes all Monoprice Hybrid amp listings???

    [Skip to the last three paragraphs if you want to skip my related story] As some of you figured out from my first post here as ASR about my history with tube gear, I am a hopeless audio gear-changer who started this crazy hobby in 1958. Now I am a 76 y/o American expat who lives on a limited...
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