1. A

    DIY Mini-Unity Horn. Am I crazy?

    Howdy everyone! I am toying with the idea of a very compact unity horn (12"x12"x15" ideally). The goal being to have point-source behavior as well as high output, but without the gigantic size and cost of comparable systems (ie: Danley SH50) or the downsides of pro audio coax drivers (rough FR)...
  2. WonkyDonkey

    Active amplification for DIY two-way question.

    I'm planning a build of a large, high efficiency active two-way speaker. I had assumed I'd buy a couple of Hypex FA122 (or FA123 - future-proof option!) and the remote kit, as even 50W @ 8 Ohm is enough for stratospheric listening levels. I only need two digital inputs and one analogue balanced...
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