high frequency noise

  1. J

    Ground loop via USB broken but high pitch noise remains. *Please advise*

    Audio: PC - USB - E30 - L30 Power: Dedicated 20A to office closet - cyber power Sinewave 1500 UPS - PC/Accessories + separate Isobar strip for stack/monitors/sub *No noise present via Headphones or IEMS Purchased Adam T5V powered monitors and their sub. Hiss is minimal even with the gain all...
  2. Saidera

    The sound quality of DSD?

    Multiple threads here deal with DSD, but I'm yet to see a bit more depth concentrated in one place. DSD For Beginners is boring and tells very little. Based on listening to the sound quality of DSD native from Cirrus Logic chips like that in Sonata HD Pro I find: • S/N ratio of DSD at high...
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