high end sound

  1. E

    Quality speakers for classical music with high output/volume

    I am building my first system where I am going to stream music from my computer to a streamer (likely Bluesound Node) and connect it to the speakers both in my office and in another room. One of my first dilemmas is getting high quality speakers that can reproduce 24/192 sound (or at least...
  2. Blumlein 88

    There is no absolute sound. AKA the importance of microphone placement during recording.

    http://soundmedia.jp/nuaudk/05Fl/index.html Recordings done with spaced pairs of Schoeps 4006 omni or DPA PZM microphones in many positions with an RME Micstasy preamp. The video loads and you can use the diagram on the left to select which microphone pair you hear. You can select from...
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