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  1. P

    Looking for Bookshelf Speakers with Clarity and Brightness for Nearfield Listening

    Hello everyone, Brazilian planning to buy speakers for my house in Argentina. I'm currently using a Sony STR-DE895 (more info below) receiver and I'm interested in finding a pair of bookshelf speakers that excel in clarity and have a slightly brighter sound signature. These speakers would...
  2. SabreVenga

    Please, for the love of God - Help me. Revel Performa 3 M106.

    As green as green can be here. I know nothing. And I mean -anything- I don't know what a DAC is, Amplifier, aren't they for guitars? Pre-Amp? Sub? Please help me I'm stressed beyond belief. I've bought a Revel Performa 3 M106 - No clue if it's any good but heard good things and I'm impulsive...
  3. hi_Muira

    RME Babyface FS Pro, Motu Ultralite MK5, or Other Recomandation (help immensely appreciated)

    Hi Friends! I've been looking to upgrade my current audio interface to something that better suits my needs. I've basically narrowed it down to two interfaces: - RME Babyface FS Pro - Motu Ultralite Mk5 What really matters to me as a electronic music producer is clean audio with not to much...
  4. P

    Broken Aune X1S?

    Hi all! I've been hearing some strange things lately on out of my Aune X1S. I can't seem to find it inside of ASIO4ALL and there are strange distortion spikes. The first image is my onboard soundcard and the second one is my Aune with the fast filter selected. I just want to know if this could...
  5. 1

    Good outside audio blocking headphones solely for listening to music/gaming

    Hello, I'm looking for some decent noise-cancelling headphones for listening to music and gaming. I value general audio quality and soundstage the most, for reference I previously used the sennheiser hd 599s and those were great (besides comfort factor) so I'm looking for something comparable to...
  6. M

    A Beginners Question?

    Hey ive lateley thinking of getting into the hobby and i recently got a akg k371 and wanna expand what i have. i have never tried open backs mostly gaming headphones and i have done tons and tons of research and i think im concluding in that i wanna buy a Harmonicdyne Zeus due to it has some...
  7. G

    Looking for an upgrade to Presonus eris E5

    Hi all, I want to replacement my Presonus monitors, what would be a suitable upgrade around a similar or slightly more expensive price point? Adam T5V & yamaha HS5 are ones i've been looking at -- because theyre on every website and are so popular. I understand that the "upgrade" might not...
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