headphone desktop amplifier and dac

  1. D

    Looking for versatile desktop DAC and Amp recommendation

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to purchase a new DAC and AMP (or an all-in-one). I'm mainly using this with Hifiman Arya Stealth and Beyerdynamic DT1990 but also have Sennheiser HD6XX and some IEMs as well (Sennheiser IE300 and Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite). I currently have a 6 year old Burson Play...
  2. Alpha XVIV

    Looking for a $150-$200 desktop DAC & amp combo (AIO or stack)

    Hi! I'm very new to the forum and the audiophile hobby in general. I'm currently using a HE400se with a KA3 dongle which is enough to power it but it's probably a little too much for the little thing. I'm looking for a desktop DAC & amp combo that can power it and perhaps any other headphones...
  3. A

    USB DAC/AMP Combo - ifi Zen DAC or Topping dx3 pro

    I will add the Sennheiser HD660S (refurbished for 300€) to the current stack: Bose QC35 Beyerdynamic Tyger Koss KPH30i Sennheiser GSP 300 Because of the addition of HD660S, I would need to add a headphone DAC/AMP combo. The combo would need to have a USB connection (using a KVM). As mentioned...
  4. M

    $200 Desktop Headphone Amplifier and Dac

    Hi All, My first post in the forum. I am shopping for a desktop headphone amplifier and DAC. Would like to spend about $200 I am okay with either off the shelf or DIY. My shortlist: Topping L30 and E30 ifi Zen (have read several reviews that more natural sounding than E30) ifi Nano Black...
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