headphone balanced

  1. Rock9

    Please help to my choice

    Hi people I hope Im in right place to my question. I will buy a new dac to my smartphone. I like big soundstage and neutral detailed sound. My candidates: 1- Ifi nano black label (Burr-brown? Chip) 2- Any dac with 2 cirrus 43131 chips and 2 opamp chips) 3- Any dac with single Ess Sabre...
  2. FirstLegion

    Geshelli Labs Erish2 (E2) Almost Here!

    ERISH2 Product Page As @amirm and others have confirmed, the Archel 2.5 stands as one at the top of the heap for affordable headphone amplifiers. Then came the Erish (which I own)...Geshelli Labs proclaims to be even better. After beta testing the hand soldered Erish2 (E2), (production units...
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