1. fountain

    Can 4.4mm balanced output from Moondrop Miad 01 drive correctly HD600?

    Miad 01 claims to have 132dB Dynamic Range and 117dB SNR, with a dual flagship DAC (Cirrus Logic MasterHiFi). Balanced output voltage reaches up to 4Vrms. Sennheiser HD600 have 300 Ohms and a sensivity I believe of 105.1 dB/V SPL. Knowing this, does someone know if the balanced output from...
  2. IAtaman

    Sennheiser HD620S

    Just saw the announcement. FR looks very promising. HD600 with a bass boost - what more can one ask for? How about: open baffle and 42mm angled transducers, that allegedly delivers speaker-like imaging and expansive soundstage 150-ohm middle of the road nominal impedance Lightweight chassis...
  3. M

    DT 990 PRO VS HD600

    I read the forum and realized that the DT 990 is not liked enough here)). The fact is that I like a more “Brighter sound”, and as I understand it, the DT 990 PRO may sound exactly it, in contrast to the HD 600. But looks like 990`s have more distorted sound. Is the difference in distortion...
  4. fountain

    Best Portable DAC/AMP for HD600 (300ohms)

    I'm between these two: TANCHJIM Space Portable Headphone Adapter https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/tanchjim-space-portable-headphone-adapter-review.46231/ TempoTec Sonata BHD Pro Portable DAC & Amp...
  5. dpippel

    FS: Corpse Cable GRAVEDIGGER for Sennheiser HD650/HD600/HD660S/HD6XX - 4ft XLR Terminated

    Just purchased this and discovered after it came in that it's just a bit too short for my application. BRAND NEW: Custom GR∀EDIGGER Cable for Sennheiser HD650 / HD600 / HD660S / HD6XX Headphones - 4ft / 1.2m / 4-Pin Male XLR - Neutrik XX Series - Gold Contacts × 1 - $165 New. Same as this...
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