gustard x16

  1. Dennis_FL

    Need help on DAC input

    I have a Mac Mini feeding Roon music to my Gustard DAC via USB and the Gustard in turn feeds a Buckeye amp via balanced XLR. In addition to Roon, I'd like to add the option of playing music from other players like Apple Music, SiriusXM, and the Tidal, QOBUZ apps on my Mac. I don't have a...
  2. D

    Gustard X16 VS X18 DACs

    This is my first post here and am glad I found this site. I'd be curious of the differences between the X16 and X18. I have the X16 in my system and find it a little too polite. Has anyone had the chance to compare the two DACs? I had used the Beresford Caiman SEG DAC previously. It was not...
  3. A

    GUSTARD AND DSD512 AND... Shenzhenaudio

    HI to all I bought a Gustard X16 last year and an X26pro this year. Both read the DSD256 files but on the D512 files both return the following error (and also the figure): Unrecoverable playback error: Sample rate of 1411200 Hz not supported by this device This is in both DOP and Native ways...
  4. D

    Finally arrived - Gustard X16 DAC and Topping A90 headphone amp

    The long wait is finally over. New Gustard X16 DAC and Topping A90 headphone amp arrived today from ShenzhenAudio in China. Glad to know that the balanced headphone cable from Audiophile Ninja works (had no easy way of testing it before now). So far so good. Not much to say that hasn't...
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