genelec 7360

  1. J

    what is sound difference of genelec 8351 + 7360 vs 8341 + 7360? the same subwoofter

    what is the sound difference of genelec 8351b + 7360 vs 8341a + 7360, the same subwoofter
  2. J

    genelec 8350x2 vs 8330x2+7350x2 vs 8330x2+7360x1, which is better

    Price is closed, for the living room, about 5m x 4m,listening distance is 2m~2.5m, which is better, 8350a x2 vs 8330a x2+7350x2 vs 8330a x2+7360x1, choose genelec because glm is convenient.
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