1. typericey

    Yet another Revel F206 thread

    TL;DR - I created this thread with the hope of compiling thoughts, opinions, experiences, resources, etc. about the F208's smaller sibling. Long version: I was finally able to sell my B&W 705S2, the last relic of my personal dark ages, before I was enlightened by ASR. With funds from the sale I...
  2. DonH56

    Don's New Revels in House: Salon2, Voice2, F206

    <Cross posted from AVS. Note Amir and I also exchanged notes and he was very helpful as usual. Switching from panels to conventional is quite a change and had me very nervous but so far I am a happy camper. No, not the one on the cliff...> Finally got my new Revels set up and listening. I was...
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