1. UrbanAnimism777

    Enough volume but not enough dynamics?

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to the audiophile world and I'm trying to understand the relationship between an amp providing enough volume and dynamics for power-hungry headphones. I tend to use a Topping L50 on my desktop setup, which drives my Drop 8XX (300 ohms of impedance and 103dB of...
  2. T

    How to improve dynamics? Transients and punch.

    I'm trying to figure out ways to improve the dynamics (transients) of my system for two channel listening. I'm running B&W 704 S2 mains off a Parasound A31 through a Yamaha CX-A5200. It seems my system lacks midrange punch like the snap of a snare etc. I kinda feel like it may be a room...
  3. R

    Passive Loudspeaker Speaker Compression/Dynamic Compression

    Howdy, this topic got hot in the JBL 4309 thread. A lot of very interesting points have been mentioned in that thread. Let's make the jump to a dedicated thread. Maybe the mods can move some relevant posts here so there is some context and fuel to work with in this thread. Things discussed...
  4. D

    Help me choose a floorstander

    Hello guys, beginner hifi enthusiast here, looking for a budget pair of floorstanding speakers that sound nice and measure okay. I primarily listen to Avantgarde / Post Metal as well as a little bit of classic hard rock. A lot of the stuff is very dynamic, so I'm after a high sensitivity speaker...
  5. stevenswall

    What does "Dynamic" Mean To You?

    Do speakers generally act as a dynamic range compressor when operating well within their limits? Do some act as dynamic range expanders? Is high SPL an indicator of what sounds more dynamic? Even when not approaching limits? Most forums seem to have people who describe dynamics is a term...
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