dac noise

  1. Dilettante

    USB bus noise

    I am seeing and hearing a fair bit of unintended noises coming from the USB-powered Audient ID4 mk. II Silence, normalised to 0dB: Zoom-in Observations so far: The noise can be heard when PC is idle. It gets worse when GPU is busy It gets better when CPU is stressed. Even then, there are...
  2. V

    Is this a ground loop or equipment issue?

    I just purchased a KRK S8.4 subwoofer to use with my existing Audioengine A5+ speakers, connected to my PC via a USB DAC. The introduction of the subwoofer is causing noise issues and I'd appreciate some help in making sense of the current situation. All of my components are connected to a...
  3. F

    Does the amplifier amplify the noise?

    Hello, I am new to the forum and not a expert on audio but I have read a lot about headphones DACs and amplifiers and one thing that always bothers me is that there is this tendency that people say the DAC does not matter, or at least that the amplifier is more important than the DAC. Let's...
  4. F

    Marantz PM6006 DAC VS Dragonfly Red

    Hi everybody, This is a thread about Raspberry pi dacs and digital connections. I'm moving to a new amplifier and the Marantz PM6006 seems to fit perfectly my budget. My current source is a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a DACBerry One+HAT (https://www.osaelectronics.com/product/dacberry-one-plus/)...
  5. Marc v E

    Fixed vs Floating point explanation

    I came across a blogpost by Geoff from B&O and thought I'd share it because it is very clear and concise: https://www.tonmeister.ca/wordpress/2021/07/19/fixed-point-vs-floating-point/ I wonder if all dsp make use of floating point. Reading this blog I'd say it should give better SNR.
  6. Aubergine

    unexplainable loud buzzing noise when using my Aune x1s?

    I have been scratching my head a lot lately trying to figure out what's " wrong" with my Aune x1s when plugging in a pair of headphones whenever i touch the volume control or anywhere on the case there is a loud buzzing noise i originally thought this might be some kind of grounding issue but...
  7. Blumlein 88

    At what level is noise heard in your system?

    Wondering about noise audibility for people here on ASR. I created a file, that has 2 seconds of filtered white noise from 3-5 khz followed by two seconds of silence. It repeats for 16 seconds. That keeps noise and no noise segments in echoic memory. The noise is in the ear's most sensitive...
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