1. Doggie

    Topping D10s strange and scary DSD static onset issue

    Hello all, proud owner of a new Topping L30 + D10s stack. Many thanks to everyone on this forum who test these units and helped me make an informed decision. I've been having a very concerning problem with my D10s that has seemingly just started related to DSD playback. On any DSD sample rate...
  2. A

    Playing bit-perfect music on your Macintosh

    I have a Topping D10s that I bought based on Amir's review, and was deeply disappointed when I found out that most Apple music players WILL NOT switch sample rate and bit depth on the fly when you play a 24/192 song or a DSD file. There are players available which will do that, but they cost...
  3. D

    Need advice on what amp to pair with Topping D10s

    Hello, audio noob here, so please forgive my ignorance. My old sound card died, so I purchased a Topping D10s to replace it. I took a look at the review here - at the end of it the reviewer says "If your amplifier requires 1 volt to reach its maximum power, your DAC SINAD is between 107 to 110...
  4. dpippel

    SOLD: Topping D10s DAC - LIKE NEW

    Purchased this last week from Apos Audio to compare with my S.M.S.L M200, and I've decided to hang onto the M200 because of its Bluetooth capability. The D10s sounds GREAT, I love the display and form factor, and it has only 3 hours on it, so it's basically brand new. Everything that came with...
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