1. Iridist

    AMP/DAC stacks that also have a Speaker AMP?

    So I'm looking at a pair of headphones (maybe the Ananda Nano's) as well as a set of passive speakers for nearfield listening at a desktop setup (KEF Q150's). So far I've considered the Topping E30 II/L30 II Stack, JDS Atom 2 Stack, and Schiit Modi/Magni Stack. But then I came across the SMSL...
  2. A

    Amp or DAC combo Recommendation for Aeon Flow Closed (original)

    Hi, I'm looking for a powerful headphone amp or DAC combo for the low impedance Aeon Flow (13ohm - 93dB/mW). My use case is listening to speakers on an integrated amplifier fed by the DAC and also using headphones at the same time. If looking for a combo, I need one that can run both headphone...
  3. R

    Advises for dac/amp or dac+amp combo for DT990 Pro?

    Hello! I have DT 990 Pro Headphones connected to FX-Audio Dac-X6, but i would like to upgrade to a better dac/amp, what do you advise? Budget max 200/250 euros Could you give me a few options, since i want to buy it from and a lot of dac/amp aren't available there. Thanks in advance...
  4. H

    Help with a best combo for hd6xx

    I am new in this world of hi fi and to start I bought the hd6xx from the drop company, those headphones will arrive in 1 week. I'm looking for an amp + dac that can be a good combo with these headphones (the best I can get with my budget) for each one I have approximately $ 160, and I'm looking...
  5. A

    Measureable Pros and Cons of DAC/Amp combo vs. Standalone units?

    Hello, first time posting. Are there any scientific up or downsides to having DAC/Amp combos over standalone units? I was thinking along the lines of power delivery, lag from source to headphone or Interference + Distortion. I have no background in engineering. I'm looking forward to upgrading...
  6. manager09

    Need recommendations for Amp + Dac or combo - $150

    I want to purchase an amplifier + a dac or a combo device to power my DT990 Pro's. I made a few different decisions during the past 2-3 months until I discovered that these options are not so good. For example, I've thought about getting a topping d10 +a bravo v2, xduoo ta-01, fx-audio dac-x6...
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