1. Sparky

    Help to align Genelec 8341's with standard pair of subwoofers

    Hi all. I have dumped all my passive gear in favour of an "active" set up as I feel that this is the way forward. After spending a long time reading reviews and scouring the internet, I landed on a pair of Genelec 8341's. The in depth reviews and discussion on this forum certainly helped with...
  2. STUDIO51

    Measurements of COWON PLENUE L DAP

    PLENUE is High Fidelity audio brand of "COWON" wich is once a leader in the MP3 market with iriver. It is a brand that corresponds to the Astell&kern(AK) of iriver. PLENUE L is PLENUE's flagship product. PLENUE is only a DAP that is specialized for sound reproduction. It uses embedded Linux...
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