1. K

    Audio interface for listening music

    Hello I am no musician. I don`t record or compose anymore. Just enjoy listening music on my Studio monitors. I was looking for upgrade from my old audio interface (Roland Quad Capture ua55) decided to go with Audient ID14 MkII. I am fan of how good it sounds compared to roland. But there are...
  2. D

    Can Clipping Break My Audio Interface?

    Hi, I like to use the audio input of my Motu M4 with the guitar and push the distortion (from the interface) to a good level. Yes of course there is constant clipping (red peak) , but the distortion is nice. My question is > will this clipping break my audio interface? Thanks Daniel
  3. P

    Audient iD24 Headphone Output

    I'm looking to upgrade my Focusrite 2i2 2nd gen and I've narrowed down the search, for now, to mainly the Audient iD24 which seems like a great interface and also got a pretty good review from Julian Krause. However, there's one thing that kept me from pulling the trigger and that was the...
  4. D

    Major confusion over Motu M2 - a lot of conflicting reviews

    Hi everyone, I am in a search of a new interface in circa 200 euros price range. Just to highlight at the beginning, I almost don't record at all (if I record rarely, its mostly vocals), I only use it for music production, mixing, and mastering, so the most important things to me are output...
  5. Dilettante

    Audient ID4 mk II review

    The interface has been on the market for quite some time, however there is still no review on ASR. My intention is to rectify this. I won't be adding any photos to the post as these are readily available over the Internet. What I'd like to mention is that the volume knob is significantly less...
  6. D

    Is the Audient ID44 enough to power the Audio-Technica ATH-R70x (470 ohms)?

    Audient iD44 USB Audio Interface Specs: Computer Connectivity: USB 2.0 Form Factor: Desktop Simultaneous I/O: 20 x 24 Number of Preamps: 4 x mic, 2 x instrument Phantom Power: Yes A/D Resolution: 24-bit/96kHz Analog Inputs: 2 x XLR-1/4" combo (mic), 2 x 1/4" (Hi-Z), 2 x XLR-1/4" combo...
  7. voloff

    Motu MK5 vs Audient ID44

    I'm looking for an interface with at least 4 channels out to use mainly listening music and cinema, sometimes to plug instruments but not mainly for recordings. This 2 seems to be in my price range 500-800$. I want to know experiences comparing audio and preamps of this two models or even some...
  8. G

    Will the Audient iD44 be able to handle the Sennheiser HD800s or the Focal Clear MG Pro Headphones?

    Hi. I want to buy a pair of expensive Headphones for music production and mixing. However, I won't be recording instruments such as guitars, vocals or acoustic drums. I produce electronic music and experimental rap so most of the stuff I compose is using samples, synths and drum machines ITB...
  9. baldheadbiomed

    Audient ID4 MKII vs ID14 MKII - any downside to leaving headphones playing all the time on ID4?

    From what I can tell the performance of the ID4 MKII and ID14 MKII is identical, so you only need the ID14 for the extra input and outputs which I do not need. I do however want the beefed up headphone amp of the MKII which is why I'm considering upgrading. I currently have the ID4 MKI, and it...
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