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    ATC SCM150ASL PRO or Genelec 1238A

    Recently, I want to upgrade my speakers to 15-inch within the budget under 22000 USD. I like the sound of MONITORS like Kali IN-8 V2 which I'm now using, or the sound like Genelec. I went to the locals and listened to some speakers nowadays and now I've decided these two models which are also...
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    Studio Monitor review requests: iLoud, Amphion, ATC, Kii Audio, HEDD, Ex-Machina Soundworks, Focal, PSI, Avantone, Yamaha NS10M, Auratone, Unity Audio

    Would love to see @amirm measure and review the following studio monitors: If Brad Lunde from TransAudio Group, anyone from Ex-Machina Soundworks, or any US distributors/dealers for Amphion, HEDD, Kii Audio who are on this forum could please kindly make this happen, it would be awesome! Many...
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