arendal subwoofer

  1. S

    HELP please... L shaped room Bass Questions!

    Hey everyone!! Been struggling with sub placement. I have an Arendal 1961v. Amazing sub. Used it to replace two tiny Polk psw111 subs. Needless to say big difference. But with both setups I only have bass at back of room on the platform chairs and near ZERO in the front row. With this bigger sub...
  2. Nuyes

    I measured 10 subwoofers.

    Hi, it's been a while! I would like to thank the people who made this project possible on a scale never before imagined in South Korea. I measured a total of 10 subwoofers, including my own DIY subwoofer(L26RO4Y), and measured them to the CEA-2010 standard using a Klippel TBM module. Below are...
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