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    F/S: Benchmark AHB2

    Selling my Benchmark AHB2, as I have downsized / simplified my setup and moved to a pair of Kef LS60s. The unit has a black faceplate (non-rackmount version), and 2 Benchmark 10 ft NL2 speaker cables are included. The unit is in great condition, and it has never given me any problems. Original...
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    Is the Benchmark AHB2, in mono mode, really better than my Mark Levinson No. 536 monoblocks?

    I have two Benchmark AHB2s ordered. I'm driving Revel F328Be speakers with the Mark Levinson No. 536 monos. I have a Pass XA25 sat aside. I bought the Revel/ML gear thinking that Samsung/Harman would have a lot to offer in their top products. They talk about their blind testing as has Amir. They...
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    Is the AHB2 suitable for my setup?

    HI all, Im a long time reader and this is my first post :) I have the focal sopra2 with the Hegel rost. I really love this combo. Later I decided I wanted to give room correction a try and bought the miniDsp shd. Really pleased with the results! Next step for me is to replace the integrated amp...
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    Benchmark AHB2 germinated my peppers

    Habaneros and ghost peppers can be tough to germinate. Here's how my Benchmark AHB2 helped me out: 1. Soak pepper seeds in diluted chamomile tea overnight. Discard floaters, small seeds, discolored seeds 2. Spread remaining seeds on a damp paper towel and place inside a labeled ziploc bag 3...
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