1. Sparky

    Am I being daft here?

    Hi all. So, lets get it out of the way, I'm a bit of a "box swapper" and enjoy doing the research on various new items in the audio market which may or may not improve my listening experience. I'm going through that phase now and have a couple of questions which, depending on the answers, will...
  2. T

    DAC/AMP with digital out

    I'm searching for DAC/Headphone AMP combo which would have: 1. Multiple source inputs - 3x digital inputs. (USB, TOS and COAX in) 2. 1x digital out to adapt to AES Active Monitors (Genelec) 3. Headphone AMP - Single-ended analog output. 4. Optional: Balance XLR out The idea behind it is to...
  3. Neto Rare

    SOLD!!!FS: Lumin U1 Mini (Black) + Infrared Control PackageSOLD!!!

    Purchased from an authorized Lumin dealer less than a month ago and includes the warranty. Color: Black Both in MINT condition! Price: $1850 Includes FREE US shipping (insured), but will add PP fee. Pics here - Also posted here w/ my feedbacks...
  4. Sparky

    Genelec 8341AWM paired with MiniDSP SHD

    Hi all. I have asked a few questions in various threads regarding the 8341's but, seen as though I've just purchased these beauties, I thought I would start a thread so I can keep all the valuable information in one place. So, based on the measurements Amir has taken, I have purchased a pair...
  5. stevenswall

    Would You Rather: Soundstage+Phantom Center OR More Accurate Frequency Response?

    Moved studio monitors from corners to ~30% the length of the side walls closer. They are near the sidewalls, per Genelec recommending keeping them closer, or if there is space making sure they are more than 1.1 meters from the wall. this follows the first rule for the side walls, and the second...
  6. Veri

    Recommendations for DAC w/ AES/EBU?

    Sorry if this comes across a bit lazy but I'm looking for a DAC that supports AES digital in, and that will not break the bank. Would rather not spend a grand. Open to used deals. I just see mostly 'Pro' gear and more expensive products supporting AES/EBU. Would appreciate some extra input. Thanks
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