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    Basic questions about Kali Audio WS-6.2

    Having spent a long time trying to find a good sub in the $400-500 range for my second floor apartment, I gave up because shipping a sub to Denmark from the US adds another $150 to the cost. So I'm forking out the $650 for the Kali WS-6.2. I have two concerns: 1. My living room doesn't have too...
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    Need sub recommendation for second floor apartment

    I have the Adam T5V studio monitors and I'm looking for a fitting 10" sub. The matching Adam T10S sub has an annoying standby feature which makes it a no-go. I live on the second floor so I want to be mindful of the people living downstairs. That means down-firing and bottom-ported subs are...
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    Best Very-Nearfield monitor for bedroom mixing

    Hello everyone! I'm in a bit of a predicament, I already mix/sound-design in headphones most of the time, but I would like some new monitors that are as good as they can be for a tiny bedroom setup. I already own some Kali-LP 6 V1's, but they are just too large for me to get accurate...
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    Kali LP-6 vs Focal Alpha 50 Evo vs Tannoy Gold 5 vs Adam T5V

    Hi all, im looking for some monitors to replace my Eris e5 speakers that i use for music production. ive narrowed down my choice down to: Kali LP-6 Focal Alpha 50 Evo Tannoy Gold 5 Adam T5V how would you rate each one, and why? Also, are there any other monitors I should add to the mix...
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