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  1. D

    Seeking Advice, help, and interest for Acoustic Treatment of Pentagonal Studio Space

    Hello everyone, I'm reaching out to the collective expertise of this forum for advice on improving the acoustics of our studio. It's uniquely situated in the heart of Paris, nestled in the second basement of a historic building, and boasts a distinct pentagonal shape. Our budget for acoustic...
  2. J

    Whole house acoustic treatment

    Folks, I need some help treating my house. My spouse and I both work at home, and I can hear him from the 1st floor when he's in his office on the 3rd. Any suggestion on how I can treat the walls by the stairwell?
  3. J

    Acoustic treatment with slats - before-and-after measurements

    Recently, I installed some acoustic panels in my listening room of the "slat wall" type, and I took the opportunity to make some before-and-after measurements. I'm posting it here as a service to the community, in case it is of interest. For some background, I live in an apartment with an...
  4. Soria Moria

    How much does the quality of sound panels matter?

    I just got some iLoud Micro Monitors for use with my PC, and while I like them quite a lot my room is terrible. I have a bed, a closet and curtains for the windows. Otherwise my room is a square with no furniture or sound treatment, so acoustically it's not very great. Would buying a bunch of...
  5. E

    Room accoustics - wall treatment vs near your head treatment

    I lack any accoustic measuring equipment and seek thoughts as to where the management of reflections can be acheived. Room periphery vs next to my head. Please bare with me, I appreciate that this is unlikely to be ideal. My live-in room treatment enforcer (many of us have one of those)...
  6. D

    Website about acoustics and hi-fi

    Hello to all, Passionate about music and acoustician, I manage a website about acoustics and hi-fi. I think that it will be able to please some people, especially the "blog" section. Here is the link : Looking forward to discuss with you :) Musically
  7. M

    DIY Speakers and Acoustic Panels

    I suppose all of you know about Tech Ingredients on YouTube - if not you're missing out on something. This time it's as the title suggests about DIY - speakers and acoustic panels. Includes: - DIY "anechoic chamber" - Helium filled speakers - REW - much more amazing stuff Tech Ingredients -...
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