1. jtwrace

    The Intellectual People Podcast - Mitch Barnett of Accurate Sound

    Mitch Barnett of Accurate Sound tells us about his journey to become a leading expert in Digital Sound Processing (DSP). Accurate Sound is a remote service using Audiolense, Acourate and Room Eq Wizard (REW).
  2. dallasjustice

    Mitch Barnett's New Calibration Service

    @mitchco Mitch Barnett recently launched his Accurate Sound Calibration Service. Mitch has been a great teacher to many. Mitch is a DSP, low frequency optimization and active loudspeaker enthusiast and evangelist. Mitch has written extensively on this topic which includes a complete guide in...
  3. oivavoi

    Let's discuss room correction

    I struggle to understand this. I've seen some discussions of this on other hifi forums, but they quickly become very heated, and attract people who have vested interests in the issue. And they quickly become so technical that I end up being more confused than I was. Here on the forum there are...
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