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    Is Topping A50S single ended output as least as good than topping L30

    Hi there. To keep it simple I prefer the design of topping A50S over L30 and since there is no too much price difference... I only need Single ended output. I know measurements are not everything, so I wonder if someone have compared them in side to side test and could tell me if they are at...
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    Stack or Combo? (M500, E30 L30, D50s A50s or schiit magni/modi 3)

    Hi All, I am very new to this. I just got an active speaker (Edifier S880DB). I am looking at Dac/amp for the speaker and to control the speakers from the amp. So based on the price in my country, the: Price of SMSL M500 = Price D50s + A50s > Price Schiit magni+modi = Price E30 +L30. My...
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