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    SVS 1000 Pro Series

    Any news, guys? Thanks!
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    Arendal sent me CEA 2010 measurements for its 1961 Subwoofer 1S

    I'm also interested to know if the side-firing setup makes any difference. Also if anyone has compared the 1S against the SVS SB-2000 / PB-2000, XTZ 12.17 EDGE, or BK P12-300SB-PR. Thanks
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    Denon AVR-X3600H AV Receiver Review

    Plus the new X3700H and its bigger brothers have a hardware issue that prevents 4K 120Hz from working properly: "Bug in HDMI 2.1 chips Affect AV Receivers, XBOX Series X & NVIDIA Graphic Cards | Audioholics"
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    Is there any point in upgrading from JDS Labs Atom + Topping D10S for Sennheiser 800S

    If you're happy with your setup, do yourself a favor: delete all of your audio forum accounts and enjoy the music :p
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    Arendal Sound

    They're a bit out of my budget though. I've been looking for a used 1961 1S deals, but otherwise: what would you recommend? The SVS SB-2000 is very expensive here in Europe, and the P12-300SB-PR is now impossible to find (apparently they can't get the parts since COVID started or something)...
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    We measure audio equipment for free!!!

    You are the best! Thanks
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    Arendal Sound

    I'd love to see an ASR review of their 1961 Subwoofer 1S "compact" subwoofer!
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    We measure audio equipment for free!!!

    How's that going? Thanks
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    AVR advice for 5.1.4: Denon X3600h or X4500h?

    Where did you find it? Thanks
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    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    Thanks for sharing! I personally like watching Zeos' videos because I find him amusing, but I predict that you're going to get savaged here because he's kind of the antithesis to objectivism in audio :)
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    Denon AVR-X3700H AVR Review

    Maybe Taddpole is referring to the average price of used X3600Hs?
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    Denon AVR-X3700H AVR Review

    Is it worth paying ~€900 for an X3700H over an X3600H for ~€800?
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    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    Don't worry, he realized he had misconfigured them and now they sound fine ;)
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    We measure audio equipment for free!!!

    Nice. Which models do you have?
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