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    Diffusing 1st reflections of speakers that measure great on and off-axis - instead of absorbing

    Actually, there might be for multichannel or surround. You might be interested in reading:
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    What makes the perfect (concert hall) acoustic, according to science?

    Interesting article with lots of references:
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    Narrow baffles and better stereo imaging?

    Please understand that I'm trying to extrapolate from the little that I know, so there may certainly be a number of inaccuracies or mischaracterizations, which I would certainly appreciate having corrected. In discussing timbre here, I'm referring to the subjective "naturalness" of how...
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    Narrow baffles and better stereo imaging?

    I didn't see this thread linked already, but I believe that it's relevant to what's being discussed here, especially with respect to the Audio Physic speakers, which I believe were some of the ones that kicked off the fashion...
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    Advice on acoustic room treatments for home hifi

    Often, it become readily apparent that responding to OPs like @kiwibrit is a waste of time and effort. Consequently, I have decided to delete my response.
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    Advice on acoustic room treatments for home hifi

    Yes, I was just answering the OP’s specific question regarding acoustic treatments, but certainly there are many ways to go including replacing the freestanding speakers entirely and adding boundary compensation and/or equalization, also multiple subwoofers, preferably with DSP, plus ceiling...
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    Advice on acoustic room treatments for home hifi

    Probably should start with thick (minimum 10 cm, preferably 15-20 cm) absorption panels behind each speaker, would be preferable to also add a similar panel but floorstanding behind the main listening position (perhaps could turn on its side and tuck behind the sofa when not listening). Maybe...
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    Good value monitors for precise classical music listening

    Furthermore, concert hall acoustics are typically quite damped at higher frequencies, certainly well below 20 kHz. Look at the frequency-dependent reverberation curves in the fact sheets: and...
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    Good value monitors for precise classical music listening

    I think it will be helpful for you to consider how you would define good and correct reproduction of orchestral classical music, especially when recording techniques can vary quite widely ( You could even go further and consider what sort of listener you...
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    Advice for designing a room from scratch

    Just curious where you're located. Also, it sounds like you're building two separate rooms? Can you please explain to me why it is absolutely necessary that the speakers have to be close? With an unlimited budget, I might consider hiring a firm like WSDG or Francis Manzella Design. The...
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    Dutch&Dutch release 2.1

    Thanks, will make it easier to re-run calibration now that I've run the wiring from the equipment closet
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    Dutch & Dutch 8Cs

    I don't think the two are in disagreement at all. Toole does not specifically recommend a house or target curve (he discusses the issue here: and here...
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    Genelec options for dedicated home theater.

    It's possible that it's changed since then. Please report back on your visit. Just curious. I wonder whether your setup may vary significantly what I've seen online for Atmos mixing studios or control rooms, where even things like floor bounce are addressed by the desk. The Genelec Experience...
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    Genelec options for dedicated home theater.

    The Genelec room had 8351s for the LCR and 8341s for the surrounds and heights when I visited ( Can you provide more details about the plan for acoustic treatments within the room and DSP/EQ, also...
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    Hire a professional acoustician

    If building from scratch, I think it's extremely reasonable to hire a professional, which we did for our basement media room. Professionals can have specialized tools and software, as well as practical experience and knowledge that would be very difficult to glean, even with extensive reading...
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