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    ATC SCM150ASL PRO or Genelec 1238A

    I have had both and even at 90+ db I haven’t heard anything strained from either. Just that the KH420 have bass punch that the 15” lack.
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    ATC SCM150ASL PRO or Genelec 1238A

    I sold my ATC SCM150A's after 14 years of use and replaced them with KH420's and 4 KH805 subs and never looked back. I find the dome midrange of the KH420 to be as good if not better than the ATC and the bass, there's no comparison, the15" ATC sounds anemic when side by side, both with no...
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    Toronto Audiofest (October, 21-23)

    The exhibitors list; The brand list;
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    Who would buy a speaker without listening to it?

    I purchased my Neumann KH420’s without the benefit of an audition. I had reviews and forum chats to go by. I couldn’t be happier. When I was looking for a smaller second system I went to Neumann KH120’s and have nothing but accolades for them. In my experience facts and figures align.
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    Fix Neumann KH 120 a or get new pair of KH 150 a (when i already own a KH 805)

    Consider changing both tweeters out and you will have a great system for considerably less than replacement.
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    Neumann KH420 Review (Studio Monitor)

    If you read the placement recommendation for the KH420 in Neuman’s owner’s manual. You will find that with bass management, I have 3 subs, the recommended distance is described in the attached. Nowhere does it recommend to put the speakers against the front wall. Do your homework before you snipe.
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    Sonos Play 5 vs Genelec 8361A

    Isn’t the JBL water resistant and dust proof Can’t say that about any Neumann lol
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    ATC speakers / Monitors

    I have a pair of KH420’s in my 2.1 system and 3 SCM50A in my 5.1 and the Neumann’s are a better sounding speaker. I had SCM150A in my 2.1 system prior to the Neumann’s and it was a move up. The Neumann’s provides a cleaner voice an the bass. Forget about it, the ATC’s just don’t compare.
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    Neumann KH420 Review (Studio Monitor)

    I can confirm that the Kh805/810 kick butt. I have 3 in my 2.3 system and they have major punch with no compression at volume. As well as flatten the bass response in my room. Just saying
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    10-year-old Revel Salon2 ?

    I paid 8k for mine open box full warranty
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    A decent passive speaker designed to be actively bi-amped?

    Try the Bryston line. They are active but they need three amps. Amps sold separately. Good luck
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    Wilson Audio TuneTot Review (high-end bookshelf speaker)

    Your likely to be a conspiracist would be a good guess
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