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    Buchardt Will Release an Active Speaker

    Just an FYI, Neumann has a 2 year warranty as well. I belive it is quite common.
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    Neumann KH80 DSP Monitor Measurements #3

    ‘Curious, are you using a sub with you KH120’s?
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    Neumann KH80 DSP Monitor Measurements #3

    I agree, I have the KH120’s with 1 KH805 sub as a 2nd system. In my opinion on most music, they sound as good and as loud as the KH420’s that are my mains. I stop turning them up before the overload lights come on as it’s loud. On RS meter I measure 95Db on slow C at a distance of 2.5 meters...
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    Menu bar RHS [Search]
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    Search engine is your frien.
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    Revel Salon2 vs Genelec 8351B - Blind Test Preparations

    I share a story of my experience with the original Revel Salons, back some years ago. I blew both tweeters out twice, and Kevin Vokes at the time was gracious enough to replace them under warranty. I subsequently sold the speakers. Most passives that I'm aware of, do not have a protection...
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    ATC SCM 150ASL measurements

    I came access this printout during the move of a study/office. I’m interested in comments on the graph and how it relates to what you have heard when listening to ATC’s I believe it was produced in house by ATC.
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    Desktop Active Speaker Recommendations

    I agree with LTig however a little less for a little less.
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    New JBL 4349 Speakers

    Or go the next level and go active. I tried the 4367. I kept them for 6 months. I’ll not get into brand bashing so I’ll say that much.
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    Neumann KH420

    There are a pair for sale on eBay for $7,195. I'm only sharing no knowledge of vendor or interest in transaction
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    New JBL 4349 Speakers

    Available used for half that amount. FYI
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    New JBL 4349 Speakers

    Back to the topic on hand the JBL 4349, I'm keenly interested in the measurements, for a reason beyond curiosity. I had the bigger brother, the 4367 in my home for about 6 months. I will keep my impressions till after the review.
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    What budget speakers you like to see reviewed?

    Looking forward to the review. This speaker is typical of what I was referring to in my recent post. Thanks, for the best audio site.
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