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    What is this new forum layout? Test.

    Ssdd with a different shade of lipstick
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    Resolving Measurement Issues with SONCOZ SGD1 DAC

    Always good to see issues getting solved however they arise.
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    Schiit Asgard 3 Headphone Amp & DAC

    Welcome to ASR. Yeah that's not normal and way worse than expected. I see it has a normal volume pot. If your feeling adventurous you could replace with a alps blue pot or disassemble it and clean it (assuming it's the pot thats at fault)
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    Marantz PM-90 Review (Vintage Amplifier)

    Do like vintage Japanese amps. Thanks for the in depth review Amir , really enjoyed this one.
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    SMSL SU-8s Review (Balanced Stereo DAC)

    It's a distortion emulator. Here's Amir's measurments from another smsl thread.
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    Schiit Vali 2+ Review (Tube Headphone Amp)

    The difference in measurments could simply be variation in the low cost tube being used or the input voltage the tests were run at.
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    Schiit Vali 2+ Review (Tube Headphone Amp)

    Thanks for the review Amir I was considering this at one point. Fortunately I realized I was being sucked in by subjective reviewer babble and gave it a miss.
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    We need a Hip Hop thread.

    Been enjoying this one recently.
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    Compact Bookshelf speakers that don't look ugly

    Here's the results from an advanced search. Reccomend by amir and over 5.5 preference score. Compact speakers are thin on the ground here.
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    Compact Bookshelf speakers that don't look ugly

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Surely good measurments are all the beauty a ASR member needs ;)
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    I am confused about Ohm loads on Dave Rats video and amp Bridging & Ohm's Law.

    A simple rule of thumb with bridged amps is take the minimum impedance of your speaker and half it. That's what your amplifier will see. So if your speaker dips to 3.5Ω the amp will see 1.75Ω. Most amps won't like that and may die.
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    HTD Level THREE Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    Yes that was the manapan lrs. In the speakers defense the olive score only applies to monopole speakers. One of the areas where science is lacking
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