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    Extron XPA 1002 Plus Amplifier Review

    Thanks @amirm for reviewing this amp, it's nice to see after the poor performance of the Ashly ne8250. Fun bit of information about the amp you tested - it was sealed up in a non-ventilated wall for 2+ years driving building lobby speakers 24/7, not even mounted to anything. That proper...
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    Ashly NE8250 Review (Pro 8-channel Amp)

    As mentioned above $2400 is MSRP and you usually don't pay that much. The systems these get installed in cost $50-100k+ so an amp price of $2k is not much in comparison, plus consider that a service call is $500-2k minimum and you are likely renting/utilizing the space as a business so having a...
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    Loxjie A30 Amplifier Review

    The micro-USB just floating and not fastened to the backplate properly scares me after my experience with SMSL micro-USB connectors.
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    Ashly NE8250 Review (Pro 8-channel Amp)

    Yep, it was sent off to Ashly to be serviced due to an overheat condition. They swapped some parts on the board, did a cap swap out for preemptive maintenance, and bench tested it. When I received it I just slapped a new label on it sent it off. Regarding the test results it's not too...
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    Verum Audio Verum 1 Review (Headphone)

    Good to know, I was just trying Craigslist so I didn't have to deal with shipping. :)
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    Verum Audio Verum 1 Review (Headphone)

    I have had a pair for a little over a year and enjoy them occasionally. As their weight suggests, they are excellent for neck strength training. I tried to sell/trade them on Craigslist for the last few months and have had no bites. I guess they only appeal to a very small niche.
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    My SMSL Rant

    I assume many people will say "we know!" but I wanted to add my story as a warning of poor support from SMSL. I have been using the SA300 and SP200 for around a year and a half now, both products have always been great for me. Recently I re-organized my desk and in the process of it the SA300...
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