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    Let's talk about food!

    Yup, I love it here! Go try Rooh sometime, you're welcome. :p
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    Mark Levinson 5909, new ANC wireless cans that advertise use of the Harman curve

    As someone who tries to travel as minimally as reasonably possible but still have the functionality I want, case volume VS the QC25's has been a struggle when looking at newer ANC headphones.
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    Wine thread - what are you enjoying?

    Had a few interesting things lately. My mama got me some rice wine for Christmas. I think I'm going to do their sake sampler box subscription, price seems really reasonable. Also seems like a good way to try some through the year...
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    Retired and trying to simplify down to 2 channel only listening

    You could have someone run wires in wall for both systems for a fraction of that budget.
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    Show us your Cars

    @Twitch54 Super clean C5Z, nice pickup! For me the styling on those is aging really well, but it could partially be that my car bug was really sparked around when those were new. Needs more lower. :)
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    Let's talk about food!

    I could entirely be misunderstanding the (Indian) food culture. And the reason they have some vegetarian/vegan options is just due to hipster (modern/progressive?) restaurant in hipster area in this town. There many great progressive and 'international' (I kind of hate the term ethnic here...
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    Let's talk about food!

    Being Indian they have some good vegetarian stuff, but most of that had some meat in it. Updated above with what the dishes are.
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    Let's talk about food!

    I usually try a restaurant and just normal amounts of like or don't like it. Even if I really like it, I might go back later... a year later. There are just so many other good places to try. Very occasionally I find one I'm obsessed with and can't wait to go back. We've been here twice in...
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    It that Pagan celebration time soon, so what are you up too.

    Hopefully as little as possible... while I look at our calendar with 1-2 things/week with families, friends or work through the new year and a pile of stuff accumulating for projects over the winter holiday break. We got 2 ceiling fans for the front porch and these tin ceiling tiles are on...
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    It that Pagan celebration time soon, so what are you up too.

    Here I am in my measly 1142sqft house trying to build a 720sqft+ garage next year. :D What ya' building, anything fun like home theater, audio room, bar, game room? Yes, deeply sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter.
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    Bose QuietComfort 35 II Review (Noise Cancelling Headphone)

    Same here, IMHO they are still great in office and traveling headphones, not that either of those are happening much now. The pads disintegrated (thanks Japan humidity) and I thought about upgrading, but just replaced the pads instead. If intl. (work) travel were a thing now I'd probably get...
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    Kef to announce new products?

    I hope this wasn't what they were hyping. This reeks of 'smash that sub button and don't forget to visit the merch store' media influencer kind of bs.
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    Speakers choice, Akai amp

    I always forget if tape loops are traditionally fixed line level or variable. If variable why not run the sub on the tape loop? Running it as you suggested would eliminate the switching (and other) capability of this integrated... making it only and amp.
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