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    The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio (2012 list) - any updates ?

    Audiophile network switches with custom oscillator. This RAM module/motherboard/ssd/.... sounds better.
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    Movies Worth Owning

    A Pllethora? What is a Plethora?
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    Electric Shock

    When I was about 14 years old we had a record player/radio a bit like this: A few times I got a belt off the bastard thing when touching the WOODEN frame around the turntable. My dad had one of those neon screwdrivers and I pushed the tip into the wood - lit up like a Christmas tree. "Wood is...
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    Nobsound, shit or great?

    Actually I think they used to be called penisaudio.
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    Teacher: Two negatives multiplied can make a positive, but two positives can never be negative. Student: Yeah.....right.
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    Dumb Question - multiple pairs of speakers.

    OK - I get that. Thanks for the video link. Time for me to learn about speaker/room analysis and equalisation next methinks.
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    Dumb Question - multiple pairs of speakers.

    I was expecting that using EQ would be suggested as a better approach, and that makes sense to me with my limited knowledge of this. When you say "create an interference mess", does that mean the drivers in different cabinets are not going to be creating soundwaves in sync with each other...
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    Dumb Question - multiple pairs of speakers.

    My gut tells me this is the most stupid question ever asked on an audio forum but here goes...... The following is a fictional example: Lets say I have pair of bookshelf speakers - reasonable SQ - cost around US$300 from a good brand. There is little problem though, they have a sound hole lets...
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    Question about home network functionality

    As Google don't make Chromecast audio anymore I use a Chromecast3G and an HDMI to Audio converter to my DAC. Can use Qobuz, Tidal or Spotify apps on smartphone to select the music to play. I am very happy with this solution.
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    Sub 25K active speaker/system choice

    Or turn the speakers more sideways!
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    LG TV HDMI ports busted, any reliable alternatives?

    Actually your Marantz has direct component output that you can connect directly to the TV - just need to get yourself a component cable. Have a look at page 79 of your owner's manual:
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    LG TV HDMI ports busted, any reliable alternatives?

    I believe the SCART converter will give you a 560p resolution (560 vertical lines on the screen) HDMI uses 1080 lines so you will be getting downscaling from 1080 to 560 lines. If you are happy with the picture the stick with it. However if you want to see the full 1080p definition then look...
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    TOPPING NX4 DSD (Long Term Usage Notes)

    Thanks for this info. I just ordered one for my daughter.
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    LG TV HDMI ports busted, any reliable alternatives?

    What model is the TV so we can track down the available inputs other than HDMI on it
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