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    If costs wouldn`t matter , what would you buy ?

    I was trying to find this picture.
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    If costs wouldn`t matter , what would you buy ?

    If costs wouldn't matter? I would have my own compound, or campus if that makes more sense. I like a combo of brick and modern styling. There would of course be a SOTA listening room somwhere on the premesis with only the best measuring equipment available. I probably wouldn't choose these...
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    small amp, relatively inexpensive

    If you're a fan of DSP this might be the ticket. They just released an optional update, the default DSP profile, and fixed a BT firmware bug. Still waiting for them to release an easy to use programming tool for it.
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    GR Research X-LS Encore Kit Speaker Review

    Pretty great for a two way without a waveguide. I would bet money that the occassional sharpness Amir hear's is from the off-axis bump in the 2-4 kHz region.
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    recommendation for sub $1K system

    I second the motion for an AVR with room correction. I've been eyeing the Denon AVR-X series with Audyssey MultEQ XT which are compatible with the Audyssey MultEQ Editor app allowing more control over room correction. Should be some older models available used or on sale now. Room correction...
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    DAC/Pre-amp for JBL 305m MKIIs

    All of the DAC's listed so far, including the Motu, should sound identical. Choosing audio electronics based on someone's sighted listening impressions is a great way to constantly waste your money on "upgrades." Just pick which DAC based on features. If you want a volume knob and analog inputs...
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    DAC/Pre-amp for JBL 305m MKIIs

    Why do you say that? He will be using a balanced connection so no he shouldn't get ground loops.
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    DAC/Pre-amp for JBL 305m MKIIs

    The soundcard may work as a headphone amp but not as a power amplifier (speaker amp). It is fine to use a headphone amp output to feed signal to powered speakers. You will not damage your speakers by using them with this soundcard. This could be caused by a nearby graphics card. This is a...
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    Okto dac8 stereo DAC Review

    @Okto Research Great job on your Okto dac's! I don't suppose that OktoSHARC is still available anywhere?
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    Okto dac8 stereo DAC Review

    Hmmm... A trigger out, multiple SPDIF inputs, the ability to change the internal streamer firmware or disconnect it completely, and all in a nice aluminum enclosure. I really wish my miniDSP SHD had these features. Oh well hopefully there is an SHD version two with these features or an Okto with...
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    Centres as LCR

    Can you get Infinity Speakers in India? The RC263 has very good performance and would be a good option at a lower price than the KEF's. I expect the KEF's also measure quite well though. The ELAC's on the other hand do not look ideal since they are a simple MTM design with most likely uneven...
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    Desktop amplifier

    I would go with this amp from 3E-Audio, because it has DSP built in. I love playing around with EQ and room correction though so it might not be the right amp for you. It only has analog and BT 5.0 inputs and two channels of output but the amplifier chip is pretty good and their pcb layout looks...
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    New integrated from miniDSP: SHD Power

    I got the Harmony Remote working with my SHD to turn it on and off now. All I had to do was change the power settings and modify the start and stop sequences.
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    Preamp streamers.. which offer a good preamp section (preferably analogue) ?

    miniDSP SHD Not analog though and Volumio kind of sucks.
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    Build of gr-research X-LS Encore

    The problem with this is that Amir has a large backlog of testing to do. I think it is highly unlikely that he will go back and test the same speaker with damping added. He didn't do that with the C-Note did he? And yet the designer came and recommended significant damping. No the kit didn't...
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