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    Is Digital Audio Transmission Analog? [video]

    i'm just watching darko's video, what's the point of the video, should i impress a lady friend with this or ...*, even my cat would jump out from open window hearing this, water is water and sky is blue man, enjoy it..
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    Is Digital Audio Transmission Analog? [video]

    actually digital audio transmission (in-between devices) could be considered analogish square forms, but end device translates it from low/high potentsial or rising/falling edge to 1s and 0s.. at least that's what i gathered from computer university course
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    Chord GroundARAY Review (Noise Filter?)

    ..or it was one of those keanu reeves moments, where u accidently hit Like instead.. :D
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    Genelec S360 Review (Studio Monitor)

    i would use some lifter, there are many types available now..
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    Chord DAVE DAC Review (Video)

    Chord: Veritas in Extremis.. Amir is Veritas in Extremis, franctly i dont know what this product is.
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    Minidsp Flex Review (Audio DSP)'s called Flex for a reason. but seriously i think it is a good product and its functionality is solid, thats what matters
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    Chord Hugo 2 Review (Portable DAC & HP Amp)

    yeah, they should put gold in there, at least you know it would be worth that much someday, maybe..
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    Chord Hugo 2 Review (Portable DAC & HP Amp)

    hit the nail.. it's like science revelation long time ago. science can still be interpret wrong sometimes, but it's hard to ignore the truth
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    Chord Hugo 2 Review (Portable DAC & HP Amp)

    am i right thinking this needs two wires hooked to it on the go..? if so, what the heck... i'm annoyed even having one wire flying around on the go.
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    Topping DM7 8-Channel DAC Review

    Imagine if future ones have wifi || bt lossless digital sent to it.. i could use my laptop from my couch for all of this + dsp/roon streaming, Then i'd buy it, though i need only 2 channels, i know, rpi does this, but still..
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    Soundkraft Enigma BT Speaker Review

    aarrghh, so it's football size, so you can't put it in your pants pocket without looking like an odd-ball.. but nice! :)
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    CHORD M-Scaler Review (Upsampler)

    sure, but there is something that most persons in most places will experience (regular forest even), that is lower ambient noise at evening/night due to most creatures taking it easy that time etc.. i hear my audio more clear for sure. :: i'll also keep it on the topic from now, less traffic..
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    CHORD M-Scaler Review (Upsampler)

    you should sell it, chord diehards don't believe in asr, win-win
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    CHORD M-Scaler Review (Upsampler)

    i hope its not too mean, i probably could quess the answer: so it adds a little jitter, so what... sincerely with a bit of humor, testp
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