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    Most power-efficient USB-C-to-3.5mm dongle?

    The Meizu HiFi is a great contender imo. 230mW while playing music and it automatically goes into standby, at which point the power consumption drops to just 9mW. Edit:
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    E1DA 9038D Review (portable DAC & Amp)

    Driving the K712 Pro with the 9038D at 100% will result in: 2.8Vrms (voltage limit of 9038D) 41mA RMS (~90mA RMS is the 9038D's current limit) 105dB SPL ergo, current is not the problem here. Edit: the Amp's Zout doesn't affect the AKG's frequency response either, so that's also not a factor.
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    E1DA 9038D Review (portable DAC & Amp)

    The K712 Pro does not need all that much current. It needs ample voltage though.
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    E1DA 9038D Review (portable DAC & Amp)

    Anker and Ravpower are both nice imo
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    E1DA 9038D Review (portable DAC & Amp)

    The Y-splitter needs no special phone to function. It'll work with all type-C phones, tablets, and PCs. It is configured so that you must have an external power supply plugged in. Otherwise it wouldn't work properly. If you're looking for a short C-C cable to go along with a Y-splitter, then...
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    Review and Measurements of E1DA 9038S BAL Portable DAC & Amp

    When connected to your PC, foobar will control its own software volume, the native Windows 10 volume slider will control the 2.1's UAC2 hardware volume, and HPToy will control the 2.1's DSP chip volume.
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    Topping BC3 Review (Bluetooth Receiver) & BT CODECs

    The Fiio BTA30 should allow you to transmit from a PC via LDAC to a Bluetooth receiver, but it's not cheap.
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    E1DA 9038D Review (portable DAC & Amp)

    The 9038D uses a USB 2.0 Type-C jack. A 2.0 A to C cable would not affect performance.
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    THX Onyx Review (headphone adapter)

    As you can see from the first measurement of this review, the Onyx outputs 2Vrms under no load (=plugged into an external Amp). That is precisely line level for RCA DACs. That being said, I'd be surprised if the A90 couldn't handle a fair bit more than 2Vrms on its RCA inputs.
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    MEIZU Hifi Pro USB-C Phone Dongle DAC Review

    You can use whatever DAC+ADC combination you want in Windows 10. You just have to select them in the Sound Control Panel.
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    Hifiman HE6se Review (Headphone)

    Crinacle has measured both:
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    E1DA 9038D Review (portable DAC & Amp)

    The THD menu isn't all that difficult actually. The first screen () allows you to set up three different THD settings, which will be applied depending on the 9038D's current hardware volume. The three zones are nice if you have the right equipment and you want to optimize distortion across the...
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    E1DA 9038D Review (portable DAC & Amp)

    The 9038D uses a regular old stereo TRS jack. Inline controls or microphones are not supported because the 9038Q2M DAC chip inside the 9038D is a desktop-grade component designed purely for D->A performance. It simply doesn't support creature comforts like that. Lastly, please be aware that...
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    ddHiFi TC44B Review (Headphone Adapter)

    So is it safe to assume that the dongle will not exceed 2Vrms no matter the impedance then?
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