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    What are we listening to right now..

    Bonobo : Fragments, new album released tday and been on repeat for hours :)
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    $1000 for an isolation platform, must be utterly amazingly effective (cough…bullshit…cough) if the flowery description of the platform is anything to go by, warning….its a positive feedback :rolleyes: review so you should know what to expect. Positive Feedback review of some glued laminated...
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    How many subs are you using and how big are they?

    Just the one Dynaudio 18s in my 4.3m x 3.3m x 2.4m treated room along with LYD 48 monitors, can’t imagine needing more bass.
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    The Most Audiophool Thing You Own

    Two Audioquest Pearl Ethernet cables, one from router to iMac, one from router to Cambridge Audio CXN v2 and Audioquest Pearl usb cable from iMac to CXN v2 , £40 for all as they were discounted by retailer when I bought the CXN v2. That’s as far into the audiophile swamp that I’m willing to go
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    Cambridge Analytica files for bankruptcy amidst “siege” of negative attention

    Wow :oops:, weird first post on a near enough 4yr old dead thread. I look forward to your second post ;)
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    I didn’t really have a fixed budget in mind for my room, I started off with £2.5k of room treatment and over the course of a year I’ve upgraded my monitors and sub, from krk g4 Rokit 7 & krk 10s sub @ £600 to Dynaudio lyd 48 & Dynaudio 18s sub @ £3k fed by a Cambridge audio CXN v2 streamer @...
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    Better get that order in quick,
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    Hedd Type 05

    Probably supply chain/covid shutdown issues as I recently had a 4 month wait to receive my Dynaudios
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    The one maxim that can be relied upon, especially after the shenanigans of the previous couple of years is “never underestimate stupidity”
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    What are we listening to right now..

    Christian Loffler dropped a big Xmas present earlier today, “Dezember”
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    Desktop speakers for listening to trance/hiphop

    I previously used krk g4 Rokit 7’s with a krk 10s sub, the KRK Rokit 7’s on their own give enough low end for a desk top system but the sub really gives them a massive boost, Rokit 7’s have a slight hiss that is noti when seated 80cm away but totally fine when playing music, their eq settings...
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    Help me choose a pair of monitors (budget max €3500)

    Yeah, but very doubtful for €3500 if you also value accuracy Only heard the kh310 briefly but I doubt you’d be dissatisfied with the bass response, when adding a sub it should be unnoticeable in use, I feel the bass from my 18s and it is impossible to pinpoint where it originates in the room...
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    Post pictures of anything, with comment...couple words.

    This bud‘s for you………(actually it was mine, back when I was still able to grow with hydroponics, decent size bud so fingers holding it at bottom for scale, spms sufferer so it’s perfectly legal)
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    Help me choose a pair of monitors (budget max €3500)

    Not on your shortlist but very worthy of a listen are the Dynaudio LYD48’s, if you find them bass light (unlikely compared to the Adam a77) then an addition of the Dynaudio 18s sub would give you all the bass you need, complete system under your budget as well.
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