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    Why are coaxials so rare?

    Yeah, but centers are usually afterthoughts and even when they're not, they still need to match dispersion and FR as much as possible with the L/R otherwise they'll sound wrong(this was even studied). Designing a coaxial is already very challenging as shown by the more poorly executed designs...
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    Stereo Bass using subwoofers

    In fact, I would argue you CANNOT have different system configurations to test this question. For example there is at least one existing AES paper(probably many more) that show that two subwoofers are more difficult to detect than one, and this no doubt improves further with more subwoofers. So...
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    Revel M80XC Review (Outdoor Speaker)

    No but seriously... what is the point of a distortion measurement this low in level???? Lol.
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    Is my SPL-150 broken?

    Well I was close enough with 'something rattling' ;)
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    Is my SPL-150 broken?

    It sounds like he calibrated the volume with Audyssey though. So unless he is running the test at >0dB volume setting, this really shouldn't happen with a decent 15" sub and a test track that does not use the LFE. 105dB in room at 30hz is not a problem even for my 12" sealed sub. It is possible...
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    Is my SPL-150 broken?

    Not true, YouTube and most media playback software nowadays use an algorithm that does not alter pitch to change playback speed. It sounds to me like it's rattling because some part of the driver(spider, maybe?) is loose and it's resonating. I don't think it's bottoming out, but could be...
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    Sean Olive on Predicting Loudspeaker Sound Quality and Listener Preference

    Which is all fine, cause the score has been hugely useful as it is. Go to the speaker index and try to narrow down to 4 or 5 loudspeakers to try in a given price range, avoiding any obvious junk. Easily done, right? Now try to do the same with the headphone index. So much fun, right? Now...
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    Genelec 8351B Teardown (2nd Disassembled)

    I mean sure, but if your standard for literally any consumer product is "should last 50 years" then I guess you are limiting yourself to only things you can service yourself, because almost no company actually supports things for that long(and even if they did, risk is high they go out of...
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    Genelec 8351B Teardown (2nd Disassembled)

    Genelec commits to spare parts availability for a minimum of 5 years *after* a product has been discontinued. This isn't a warranty, you still have to pay for the repair if it's out of warranty. That basically means a service lifespan of 10-15 years for most products, as usually a Genelec model...
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    Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 Review (Speaker)

    @amirm The red line on the 86dB distortion measurement seems to have gotten confused and wandered away from its usual place at 50 :)
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    Impossible to edit after 24h - That's quite short.

    Hm, is there really a limit? Does being a forum donor circumvent it maybe? I can still edit posts I've made months ago even today, for example. Yes, I'm correct. Here is the explanation of the limit.
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    KEF Reference 5 VS Blade 2 vs Muon

    I agree with you, FWIW here are the Kef R-series measurements I know of(other than Erin/Amir's): Kef Reference 1, 3, R11, Blade 2 from Soundstage. Kef Reference 5 from Stereophile. You have to take all this with a grain of salt because these measurements(especially stereophile) aren't as...
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    Genelec 8361A vs 8351B

    That doesn't really make sense, the clipping light is based on the signal they receive plus(perhaps, dunno for sure) some diagnosis of internal temperatures and such. I would guess if anything it's the 60hz crossover, which is quite low and still in a region where the 8351B may have more...
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    Well for one thing you can't build a large waveguide into the front like Genelec did.
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    Rear height placement to work with Auro 3D and Atmos

    Yep, that is my experience from testing. Also, I'm pretty sure that "Support Format" line refers to the configuration as a whole, not specific speakers. So that configuration DOES support Atmos, it just only uses the front height speakers for it.
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