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    Apple Announces Next-Generation M1 Pro and M1 Max Chips

    I was looking to get one, but they actually put some weight behind the Pro monniker. There is a lot of performance available in such a small package, I want to see it independently tested but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are able to back their claims up given they are not directly comparing...
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    Beresford Caiman SEG Review (Stereo DAC)

    IIRC the UK. I remember that 7, 8, 10 years ago these DACs were all the rage in the Netherlands.
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    Sonoro Maestro

    Found this product, seems very interesting: Room correction, a hypex amp for €1499.-, sounds like a good deal. Does anyone know more perhaps?
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    Active Standmounts

    Like I said, many people on this forum enjoy active loudspeakers and DSP. I think no one has a problem with the statement "DSP active monitors can sound better than similarly priced passive set-ups", but adding to those statements without evidence isn't the right approach. Your take on DSP for...
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    Active Standmounts

    Also @MarkWinston since you talk about Hivi/Swans a lot, do you know what happened to them? Their websites went offline, and given you said that they were on a discount in another thread, I think that they went bankrupt.
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    Focal Aria 906 Speaker Review

    If you have an amplifier, indeed the NAD C658 or MiniDSP SHD would be great options to add room correction. If you need amplification you could look at the Denon X3700H. Or of couse the NAD/MiniDSP with a nice power amplifier. As far as measurements go, Denon's implementation is cleaner than...
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    Focal Aria 906 Speaker Review

    Yes but, depending on your source there are other options. Also Denon > Marantz.
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    Active Standmounts

    I don't know whether you replied to me or whether you're talking to yourself, but these are the best measured loudspeakers on ASR: 7 actives vs. 5 passives
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    Active Standmounts

    I think actives bookshelves are really popular here.
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    what are your industrial design favorites?

    Must be dreadful to keep clean, my kitchen is matte black too. I cry every day.
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    What is your favorite Cologne or Perfume?

    Audiophile perfume, I see a market gap. Introducing alcohol in the air increases the smoothness of soundwaves by 15%. However, it is directional so you should aim from your loudspekers towards your listening position.
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    What do you Benchmark fans/users think?

    Depends on your definition of better, they seem fundamentally different. The Benchmark is easily the cleaner amplifier but delivers nowhere near the power of the Boulder 2150. If you "only" need 490 watts of power @ 8 ohms, you're better off with two Benchmarks bridged, however, if you need more...
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    D&D 8c / Buchardt A700

    Some more reviews and/or measurements of the Dutch & Dutch 8c: Sound on Sound The Next Web Audiophilestyle Soundstage Network measurements (review) This is what I collected on both speakers, of course I could be wrong: Profit marging - cost of drivers = 86.71% on the Dutch & Dutch and 89.35%...
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