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    [email protected] Purité Audio

    RME make superbly measuring equipment, packed with useful features. Purité Audio have the ADI-dac2, and the superb ADI-2-Pro ( A/D and D/A ) available for evaluation. Keith
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    Dutch&Dutch REW integration

    A quick ‘how to’ guide, Keith
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    Dutch&Dutch 8C go to Church

    Matt Wiggins’ D&D8Cs at the Church, Keith
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    Final loudspeaker!

    I am preaching to the converted! Full range ATCs would be much more expensive than the 8Cs, we has their active 50’s here for a number of years, until we got kicked off. Keith 8Cs go to Church,
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    Final loudspeaker!

    Whilst not cheap, the 8Cs are a complete system in themselves just add source/s. Ultimately value judgements are down to the individual. Keith
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    Final loudspeaker!

    Jim where did you see the £8932 price? The online price is €4938 per speaker, which does not include vat, which works out at exactly the same price. Keith
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    Avantgarde Zero and Cessaro horns at Purité Audio

    I was hugely disappointed with the Zeros. Keith
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    Dutch & Dutch 8Cs

    Well? Keith
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    A high end DAC that actually isn't garbage.

    The ‘old boys’ in the industry have to cling to the FUD model, it is sad. One of the reasons this place is so powerful, when you can point to the measurements... Keith
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    Dutch&Dutch release new firmware

    D&D release new firmware, Keith
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    Dutch & Dutch 8Cs

    The Kiis have variable latency, through their ‘control’. Keith
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    Horns - Necessary to complete the Audiophile Journey?

    The speakers can only accurately reproduce the particular recording of that instrument. Keith
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    Dream On!

    Treating, ideally building a room would be my priority. Keith
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    Final loudspeaker!

    As long as the i full-range) speakers are designed to be used close to the front wall and can be adjusted then there isn’t an issue, you can still use subs destructively of course. Keith
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    Dutch & Dutch 8Cs

    The 8Cs have a low latency mode, I use them for films in their ‘normal‘ mode and there isn’t an issue with lip sync. Keith
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