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    Kii THREE /BXT ex-demonstration

    Look how cute they are compared to the ‘hideous’ ( my wife’s description) Hedd Main Towers. Keith
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    Lavry Gold Savitr (new A/D standalone)

    That was from a decade ago. Keith
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    Benchmark HPA4

    JA measures, Keith
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    Anything better than Genelec?

    Really there are many fine loudspeakers out there, it would depend upon your taste and which works best in your room and that is where the 8C/Kii cardioid types have a small advantage imho. Keith
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    Dutch & Dutch Vs Persona 9H

    Hi-Fi News measured the 9H, Keith
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    Dutch & Dutch Vs Persona 9H

    They weren’t very good, rising treble, there is a measurement somewhere in one of the U.K mags. Keith
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    Dutch & Dutch Vs Persona 9H

    I certainly felt a vague sense of unease when we had the small pair here. Keith
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    Purité Audio remotely!

    All our demonstration loudspeakers ( apart from the Hedd Main Towers they are just too heavy) are out on evaluation, but if you have some spare time and would like to improve the sound quality in your room, give REW, Room Eq Wizard a try. It is completely free and...
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    Kii THREE /BXT ex-demonstration

    Kii Three/ BXT bump, these are 230 volt UK voltage. Keith
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    ATC speakers / Monitors

    A manufacturer can still support older products and innovate , ATC for reasons best known to themselves have chosen not to. Keith
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    ATC speakers / Monitors

    We took on ATC, because when we first had Kii here, a few early listeners said,’ yes very nice but nothing compared to the ATC mid dome’, one pair of active 50s letter, ATCs mid superiority is just a myth. I suspect the myth may have grown because the ATCs bass rolls off pretty early, hence...
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    Erin's Audio Corner gets a Klippel NFS!

    Just to echo everyone this is wonderful news, wishing you every success. Keith
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    Mesanovic RTM10 @ Purité Audio

    I asked Deni ( Denial Mesanovic) about the stands, ( perhaps he might chip in I will ask) he has measured them and believes they can bring an improvement they are designed for. the weight of the RTM10. I will measure with and without and post them up here, I imagine results will be heavily...
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    Mesanovic RTM10 @ Purité Audio

    Mesanovic RTM 10 three way, full-range active monitors available from Purité Audio London. US price is $7500 inc tax. Keith
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