On a quest to find an simple amplifier (no BT/Wifi/Dac, etc needed) just powerful enough to feed bookshelves speakers, with a sub out and an automatic standby mode after loss of signal/a programmable sleep mode. DM me if you found the grail.


On an active and participative (with you) quest to find an simple amplifier with the following features ↴↴↴
- Speakers out (obviously)
- Sub Out (or at least RCA Pre - out)
- Automatic standby mode after loss of signal OR a programmable sleep timer

- Measures well obviously again
- let's say <50W/8ohms
or a way to make that happen with a power amp and a trigger switch, but sub integration is still a huge pain

Unnecessary and thus not welcomed considering we want the money spent to go to the useful features, except if they're performed better than on a Dx3Pro+/can make it useless :
- Dac
- Bluetooth
- Digital inputs (coax, opt, usb)
- anything else really

DM/quote me if you know the grail !
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