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    Recommended inexpensive XLR or TRS cables?

    Canare star-quad. Best design out there; that it's inexpensive is the best part :)
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    Sorbothane for stand mounts

    When I go back and read their investigation, I agree that they could have (and should have?) been more thorough about how they executed. I get it that they are a for-profit company and have a product to sell. But I don't think that means the overall concept of speaker decoupling should be...
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    Sorbothane for stand mounts

    I was considering this very issue, and came across this 'Sound on Sound' article that discuss the merits of de-coupling instead of coupling:
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    gear that converts 2 channel stereo, to 3 channel (or more) ?

    Kal are there any particular PrePros that you've used, that stuck out or you recommend one way or the other? Build quality, ease of use, overall sound quality etc.? For example I've heard the Bryston's are nice, but I've never used.
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    gear that converts 2 channel stereo, to 3 channel (or more) ?

    I use a McCormack MAP-1 analog preampflier, for music playback (no movies/home theater). It can be used as 2-channel preamp, but can also convert stereo input, to 3.1 or 5.1. This is done in analog, no digital processing. I enjoy the effect of creating a center channel for music...
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    Why Audiophiles Are Shopping for Vintage Turntables

    I never got into vinyl, but I can understand some who like the ritual, visual or tactile aspects of it. Awhile back I owned a CD player that worked like a turntable. It was a Thorens TCD-2000, made in Germany and built like a little tank. Not my video but it can be seen in action here...
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    Do speaker cables for L & R channels have to be the same length?

    It is absolutely not audible, unless one side was like 200 feet, and the other was 2 feet.
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    SPl phonitor one

    I too was curious about the SPL Phonitor series as it progressed. I ended up getting a used Phonitor Mini that still has plenty of adjustments for cross-feed, but considerably cheaper than the bigger SPL brothers. It suits my needs fine and I'll probably keep it for life; too bad SPL...
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    Speaker rubber surround maintenance?

    I have a small subwoofer made by Carver / Sunfire. Honestly I don't know if the surrounds are a very dense foam, or if they're rubber etc. but either way they're stout. In the manual it actually says to treat the surrounds 1-2x / year with Mink Oil. Not sure if that would help with other...
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    Is the LXmini by Siegfried Linkwitz the answer for home audio?

    The Linkwitz LX Mini, is one of the most cleverly designed speakers, ever. People may think that's an overstatement, but it's not. I think Linkwitz himself was even surprised by how it eventually turned out, with the LX Mini being described as coming "uncomfortably close" to its bigger...
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    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    Deuvel Bella Luna, other beautiful finishes also.....
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    Duevel Bella-Luna "Omnidirectional" speakers

    The industry as a whole, has not agreed on a good way to measure omnis, including Duevels. One thing I know for certain, is that the sensitivity rating (like "90 db" sensitivity") for true omni is always off in the measurement ratings. This was confirmed when I spoke to Duevel directly...
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    omnidirectional loudspeakers = best design available

    Speakers like Bose, Dodecahedron, Shahinian etc. are NOT omnidirectional. They are polydirectional, and have a whole host of problems. The Linkwitz LX Mini is "quasi" omnidirectional, so just partially. In it's case, up to about 800 hz as omni. If you don't believe me, just head...
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    Active speakers as an answer?

    Depending on budget and looks, on the used market one of the best home actives ever made was the Paradigm Reference Active 20.
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