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    Fiio Q5s Portable DAC & THX Headphone Amp Review

    Dammit...I just bought an M11, I relied on Fiio's published measurements....looking the Fiio's data on the Q5, it also looks good....I like the features of the M11, but it they are misleading on the measurements, I don't want to give them my business...I'm thinking of returning the M11....
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    USB to AES/EBU: the solution?

    I have the drok knob above and it works great...I've recently switched to a G815 mechanical keyboard with a volume wheel, which I like better...quicker to reach and less clutter on the desk
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    Elac BS U5 Slim 3-way Coaxial Speaker Review

    Thanks for the great work Amirm...I picked up a pair of Un-fi UB5s based on the review hype...I would have gone for active studio monitors if I had know better at the time...
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    Neumann Subwoofer KH 750 DSP : DSP power for all analog Neumann monitors

    Yes, it can be used with analogs, I use it with 310As... I like the app but have three complaints 1. There is no manual, so like most tablet apps you have to poke around at everything to figure it out 2. You use sliders to change the gain/Q values, I would like to be able to directly input the...
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    Any PSB fans here?

    I have a pair of PSB headphone M4U 1s and they are great
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    How do you like T5p? I've had my eye on them for a while, do the attenuate outside noise well?
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    The most comfortable headphones: a) Open b) Closed

    Open are cooler, but they can still get hot. I find something with a bit of clamp force more I prefer the fit of a DT 1990 to a T1.2
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    Beyerdynamic T1 Black Ed.(v2) or Focal Elex?

    I have both the T1.2 and 1990, and prefer the T1. But you should be able to look at some of the frequency response plots and get an idea of how the two compare in a relative sense. Did you like the T1 sound? Did you find it harsh?
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    The kit we bought, our current setups

    Music Server/Workstation: Threadripper 1920x, Linux Mint 19.3 Speakers: 2x KH 310A, 1x KH 750 sub USB to COAX: Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 Headphones: Beyer T1.2 DAC: Topping D50 Headphone Amp: JDS Element USB Volume Control: Drok PC
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    Topping Quality Issues?

    I switch to Mint recently from OpenSUSE. When I had the balance issue I popped open the Sound Control Panel and got what is shown balance slider?? I figured it was somewhere else, so I looked a amixer, alsamixer, pusle_effects...nothing?...I had no reason to play with it and figured...
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    Topping Quality Issues?

    I need to retract my post above regarding a balance issue with the D50...Embarrassingly, the problem was entirely on my end. There is no issue with the D50
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    Topping Quality Issues?

    I'm running Linux and made no changes to my config when changing USB DACs, so I don't believe it is the audio chain on the PC
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    Topping Quality Issues?

    Yes, USB only. There is no balance adjustment on the D50. The issue seems to be in the difference in signal paths, USB vs TOSLINK internal to the device.
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    Topping Quality Issues?

    Following up on my own post..I purchased a D50 in May 2019 My D50 has developed a channel imbalance (left channel louder than right) when using USB. The problem does not exist using TOSLINK from the same motherboard. I tried my old JDS O2 DAC via USB with no issue. So the problem appears to...
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