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    McIntosh MHA100 any good?

    I've actually been so happy with the MHA150 that I haven't switched back to the 887 in months. I find all sorts of excuses to sit at my desk and listen to music. I really should try the 887 again. I also bought a new pair of headphones. I've been looking for planars and stumbled across a...
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    What's your headphone system end game?

    I'm not sure there is an endgame. I'm pretty happy with my DACs and Amps today, although I just saw the RME is updating the ADI 2 Pro FS with a new black edition and presumably updated internals so I might "need" to pick one of those up. But headphones are another thing. I'm starting to feel...
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    Sonarworks worth it for headphones?

    At a conceptual level, I think Sonarworks is onto something. Headphones have peaks and dips in reproduction. All speakers have them. Room correction is the same concept for speakers and seems to make speakers and rooms sound better together. I don't have a problem with the concept. What I...
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    Apple Airpods - EMF radiation levels? Can anyone here do a quick measurement?

    Again, the amount of energy pumped out by an AirPod or any wireless IEM is trivial. The airpod pros have a battery estimated to hold 168mWh and Apple claims this can last 3.5 hours. If they pump out Bluetooth radio frequencies at full power and play no audio and do zero processing, that's going...
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    Review and Measurements of SONOS Amp

    I have one of these new Amps and it is good for integrating with my Sonos streaming speakers, but not much else. I tried using the line-in to use it like a computer speaker and have the Amp stream to my other Sonos speakers... and while this works well from a latency perspective, it often...
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    Apple Airpods - EMF radiation levels? Can anyone here do a quick measurement?

    Engineering. If you are worried about EM radiation at these levels, you need to stay out of the sun for the rest of your life.
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    Apple Airpods - EMF radiation levels? Can anyone here do a quick measurement?

    All Bluetooth devices operate at 2.4MHz, just like your microwave ovens and WiFi. The difference is power levels. 2.4MHz is the frequency of water molecules. Lets assume the AirPods are microwaving your ears at 20mw. That might warm your tissues by a hundredth of a degree every second, but your...
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    McIntosh MHA100 any good?

    Yea, I know. I described my leveling approach so people could see it was not super high-tech, but it was also not ignored. I think I was super impressed by the McIntosh in the store because it encourages turning the volume up too loud. The difference I may only be imagining is that one amp is...
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    McIntosh MHA100 any good?

    In case anyone cares, I've been listening to the McIntosh MHA150 and comparing it (with my bad ears) to the Monoprice THX AAA 887. I tried to volume match them as carefully as I could using a decibel meter on my iPhone, held firmly between the earpieces and a 30 second average reading of 83.3dB...
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    Is Roon player getting too bloated and buggy too???

    I have a question for you Roon users: does Roon handle variance in loudness between streaming and local tracks? I've spent an extraordinary amount of time (and automation) running mp3gain (aka aacgain, replaygain) across my entire library so I never have to touch the volume control unless I...
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    Spending ratios on a hifi system

    KEF LS50 Wireless are on sale for $1799 right now. That covers pre-amp, dac, amp, streamer... add a Sub for $500 (or $2k for the KEF KF92) and you've got one hell of a loud and clean system and budget left over for room treatments and a TV. The biggest problem you're going to have is too many...
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    McIntosh MHA100 any good?

    I got the monoprice THX AAA 887 and SMSL SU-8v2 today. It sounds... nice. Competent. Clean. I'm unable to notice any noise. Good bass reproduction into my MDR-V6 headphones. I've been listening to my old Behringer UMC22 all day and I'm not sure this is "better" but it probably gets much louder...
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    McIntosh MHA100 any good?

    Stupid or not, I love the VU meters and just ordered an MHA150. I've also got a Monoprice THX AAA 887 on the way so I'll be able to compare before I take one of them to the office. I should probably find a good A/B switch so I can test them properly and cry about the money wasted. But VU meters!
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