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    Toslink and Jitter

    Just curious just want to know if they could be tested for the purpose, also I don't really plan on really ever buying any more Toslinks since its such a limited use case, so might as well find the best one I could find. I plan to archive them into digital files for my home NAS. I may also try...
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    Toslink and Jitter

    Are they data/transfer capped? The Supra cable for example seems to claim that they transfer up to 32 bit 384 khz, where a lot of older Toslink posts I've read have said that diff cables cap at 16/24bit & between 48-96khz depending on the quality of the cable.
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    Toslink and Jitter

    For archival purposes there's a few that stand out from the rest in terms of features that improve quality of playback and recording, most noticeably TBC. Only certain higher end and professional players would have this function built in. Almost all, if not all cheaper VCRs and combi-players...
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    Toslink and Jitter

    I wanna know how these Monoprice ones compare, they seem really "fancy" for the price, 10ft for $6, The build seems really extra, not even sure why there's all this insulation and shielding on it given that Toslink isnt affected by RFI/EMI.
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    Toslink and Jitter

    I'm archiving into digital but the video & audio will be fed into an upscaler. The Toslink on my VCR is a digital out, so I wanted to run that into an external DAC that spits it out to RCA for the video upscaler card then into a capture card. All the VHS analog data will be converted to digital...
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    Toslink and Jitter

    I've been looking into getting some Optical/Toslink Cables for a for a video VHS archival project. I want to use an external DAC instead of the one that's built into the VHS player and the only way to keep the data in digital is via Toslink to my DAC/AVR. I get that Jitter is irrelevant...
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    Topping E70 Stereo DAC Review

    Cant wait for a E50 mk2 where they give us bluetooth on the E50
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    Aperion N5T Speaker Review

    Arendal is known for pretty solid response as well!~
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    Aperion N5T Speaker Review

    Perlisten & Magico seem to be pulling it off rather well~
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    Aperion N5T Speaker Review

    I think for $1400 a pair this is pretty above average performance, fairly good looking imo as well. The Dispersion from 1-5K visually seems massive in horizontal dispersion. Curious how the dispersion is like when translated to soundstage subjectivity. Id say it measures fairly well for its...
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    How was the Harman target for IE and Speakers achieved?

    I feel like its pretty well known that the Harman consumer target response for over ear was conducted using the HD800S, but how did they determine the preference target when it came to IEM's and loudspeakers? I would assume that different fields would have yielded different results based on the...
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    AKG K712 Pro Review (Headphone)

    Warmer than the 560S yeah, I think the 560S has a more coherent sound though
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    Process of Making High End Stereo Speaker. Wonderful Sound Engineer of Korea

    If you look in the video its a modified full range CHR-70 which is like a $30 driver
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    What do you want to see from Topping..?

    A Dirac license and a 9.1.4 channel processor~
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    Cant wait for a meta material tuned Electrostatic from DCA~
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